Edapho is an Air-type Vivosaur introduced in Fossil Fighters:Champions.

Air Element



This Air-type vivosaur can learn Rallying Cry, a skill that lifts all conditions affecting an ally. Edapho can also absorb a portion of FP when attacked.


Genus: Edaphosaurus

Description: The large sail was used to control its body temperature.

Length: 10 ft

Diet: Herbivore

Era: Paleozoic Carboniferous

Discovered: USA

Dig Site: Petrified Woods

Stats (Rank 20)Edit

LP: 480

ATK: 63

DEF: 30

ACC: 50

SPD: 24

Support Effects (Enemy AZ)Edit

ATK: ---

DEF: -40%

ACC: ---

SPD: ---


Edapho fang: 77 ATK / 50FP

Edapho Twirl: 92 ATK / 120FP

Edapho Cyclone: 104 ATK / 270FP: Poison (100%)

Rallying Cry: --- ATK / 30FP: Removes Status

Team AttackEdit

Edapho Hurricane: --- ATK / 220FP: Poison Team (60%)


FP Absorb: Recover FP When Hit


Used by Todd after you beat the game.

Edapho's markings on its body and fin are images of a thermometer.

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